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How It All Began

We are three moms that want to share our passion for nutritious and delicious breads.  In addition to making all our baked goods from scratch, we also enjoy using ingredients that are organic and/or from local farms. 

Juliana: I grew up baking fresh bread with my mom. The  smell of the bread was intoxicating and some of my fondest memories are eating a fresh roll with butter and cheeses. I knew when I had a family of my own the experience of learning to make bread was something wanted to share with them. While experimenting with many different recipes floating around on the internet I got swept away on the soughdough train and never looked back.


Sylina:  While raising my children I noticed that quite a few would have reactions when eating certain foods.  I was blessed to meet two women who taught me to mill my own grain and make my own bread.  And just like that no more rashes from bread. 

Anne-Sophie: I am born and raised French, so bread was on the table at every single meal. I always enjoyed baking and when I got introduced to sourdough bread a year ago, I noticed the bread tasting exactly like the artisan loaves my mother buys at the local bakery in my hometown. I am happy to share my culture with my customers through baking sourdough breads.

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